Saturday, December 17, 2016

Writing cliches about Aleppo

""It is paramount to remember that the Syrian uprising began as a peaceful movement, with hundreds of thousands of citizens taking to the streets seeking only social justice, political reform, and freedom and democratic representation — much like their counterparts in Tunisia.""  That passage you cite is so original. I only read it in US newspapers every single day. Day in and day out. But originality in US media is the ability to say the same thing like everyone else using the same exact cliches and expressions.  But I like how she provides legitimacy for her article by saying: "just returned from the Syrian-Lebanese border, a mere 150 miles from Aleppo,"  I conclude this post by lending credibility to my post thus: I just returned from a coffee shop here in Modesto, a mere 10,000 miles from Aleppo.  

PS Notice how US media propaganda function: name one idea, one sentence, one phrase in this article which has not been previously said ad nauseam tons of time, in exactly the same words.  But this is what Goebbels said in his diaries: propaganda is repetition, constant repetition.