Friday, December 16, 2016

Will the New York Times print a correction to the false story from 2011?

On Ibrahim Kashoush: "Although no one in Hama seems to agree on who wrote the song, there is near consensus on one point: A young cement layer who sang it in protests was dragged from the Orontes River this month with his throat cut and, according to residents, his vocal cords ripped out. Since his death, boys as young as 6 have offered their rendition in his place. Rippling through the virtual communities that the Internet and revolt have inspired, the song has spread to other cities in Syria, where protesters chant it as their own." This story has been exposed as false for many years in anti-Gulf regimes press, which means that it never would be covered by Western media which strictly adhere to the propaganda parameters of Syrian rebels and their supporters in the region.  Only when an Western source printed this story about it recently, did some in the West realize that.