Friday, December 09, 2016

Western correspondents are not tweeting about this one: Yemen being bombed out of existence by Saudi warplanes

"This is Sa’ada, ground zero of the 20-month Saudi campaign in Yemen, a largely forgotten conflict that has killed more than 10,000, uprooted 3 million and left perhaps 14 million – more than half the country – short of food, many on the brink of starvation." "And, standing beside the Saudis at the air campaign HQ, are UK military advisers. Johnson didn’t mention them." "According to the UN, there are 1.5 million malnourished children under five in Yemen, of whom 370,000 suffer from severe malnourishment.  “Those children have two prospects: either die or survive but with stunted growth to become a burden on their communities,” said a UN staffer. “We are losing a whole generation because of the war."