Thursday, December 08, 2016

The murder of civilians in East Aleppo AND in West Aleppo

As usual, the story of the murder of civilians in West Aleppo is always mentioned in passing--if at all. Try to find any Western correspondent on social media talking about the murder of civilians in West Aleppo. Why can't the civilians of West Aleppo be as precious and valuable as civilians in East Aleppo. Why not mourn deaths in both sections?  "The latest round of fighting has killed at least 341 people, including 44 children, in rebel-held Aleppo, and 81 people, including 31 children, in government-held districts, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a monitoring organization based in Britain."  Also, notice that unlike East Aleppo, you will never find articles devoted to the plight of civilians in West Aleppo (there was on in the Times by Barnard if I am not mistaken).

PS And the numbers in West Aleppo are probably higher since the source is the opposition Syrian Observatory.