Saturday, December 10, 2016

Since August, the U.S. has bombed Libya 490 times

"Since August, the United States has bombed Sirte 490 times. This was aerial bombardment to assist the Misrata militia." "Many of the most extreme militia groups – those who pledged allegiance to al-Qaeda and to ISIS – had received arms from Qatar and the United States. Ambassador Chris Stevens, who was later killed in Benghazi, was the US liaison with the Libyan rebels, including these extremist groups. Arms dealers such as Marc Turi provided a ‘zero footprint’ for the United States, so that these extremists could get weapons but not directly from the US government. In Benghazi, there were reports that the CIA directly provided arms to various groups, including extremists. It is these very people now who are emboldened in Libya, and continue to wreck that country."