Friday, December 16, 2016

Kenneth Roth explains how Human Rights Watch documents human rights violations in Syria

This is from Mainstream Media Now by Michael: "I know you posted the debate. I'd highlight this:

KENNETH ROTH: "Let me begin with this fog of war argument, because, you know, when there’s nothing to say, when there’s nothing to defend, let’s resort to the fog of war. I mean, I’ve heard this argument many, many times. This is not fog of war. We know exactly what is going onHuman Rights Watch has teams on the ground, based in Beirut, occasionally going into Syria, in regular communication with people in Aleppo, in other places. We don’t publish until we know exactly what is going on, until we corroborate and we’re certain. So this is not a matter of just, you know, taking some jihadist propagandist and repeating it. "

So he knows exactly what is going on from Beirut?  have you seen him express similar certainty on Palestine from teams based in Egypt or Jordan?"