Friday, December 09, 2016

John Glenn

As I have been reading a lot about space and the cosmos and I have a newly acquired appreciation for the heroism of those who travel in space, especially that I suffer from an acute case of motion sickness and fear of height.   John Glenn was a decent person, politics aside but: 1) they don't mention that we he took his second flight in space in the 1980s, he was sick the whole time and didn't stop vomiting. They did not mention that he bullied NASA into taking him to space. 2) when he ran for president back in 1984, he in fact said some things about the Palestinians that were ahead of his other colleagues.  I remember him for that.  When I was a boy in Lebanon, of course, i wanted the Soviets to beat the Americans in space but I did not know at the time about the whole Nazi scientific contingent that the US had lifted from Germany.