Sunday, December 18, 2016

Don't blame Bana--a little child--blame her shameless and terrible mother who exploits her child for the cameras

Shame on this woman. Shame on this terrible mother of Bana in Syria. I don't know the circumstances but she should be ashamed to make a statement to the camera and to hold her little child as a prop. I don't know anything about this Fatima but I know that she is one lousy mother. I also notice that her English on Twitter is far better than her spoken English on camera.  Notice how Bana seems to be prodded to speak.  I can't believe that the insensitive Western reporters are in fact carrying and circulating such videos which are not only exploitative of a child but they are even endangering a little child who has been made into a propaganda prop.  But then again: this is by the NBC correspondent who still praises Syrian rebels who kidnapped him and who produced a false spectacle about his release.  Fatima can only be forgiven if some man or men behind the cameras are forcing her to engage in this terrible behavior.