Thursday, December 01, 2016

Belén Fernández writes a delicious review of Thomas Friedman's new book: warning. It is too delicious

"In his new book, Friedman remarks briefly on the recent “flood” of unaccompanied children fleeing Central American violence — with no mention of the substantial role the United States itself plays in fueling such migration patterns via punitive economic and military meddlingin the region. According to Friedman, the situation boils down to this: “Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador are among the most environmentally degraded and deforested regions in Central America. They cut their forests; we got their kids.” It’s as simple as that, Kmart shoppers.  Never mind that the “they” cutting down their forests are less easily dismissed when one recalls Friedman’s favorable profiling of Canadian mining company CEOs implicated in Central American deforestation.  Let’s move on to Friedman’s treatment of the Arab/Muslim world, i.e. the point at which the generator under the next table leaps into bed with you, annihilating any prospect of tranquility and leaving you with only fantasies of a quick death."