Thursday, December 01, 2016

Arab public opinion and Aleppo

This has been disproven: for several years, Western media (and governments) have parroted Arab Gulf regimes to the effect that Arab public opinion is now purely sectarian and thus, Arab potentates are now speaking on behalf of all Arab public opinion with the exception of Shi`ite and Christian infidels.  Yet, if you watch the Arab world today regarding what is happening in Aleppo, you read the following conclusion: Arab public opinion is not invested in what is happening.  To be sure, Gulf regime media are raising hue and cry while pro-Syrian regime media are sounding triumphalist.  But the bulk of Arab public opinion is really disengaged: I think that they are fed up with both sides and they feel that it is now in outside hands.  Otherwise, notice that there is no street mobilization or activism in any Arab capital on either side of the conflict.