Monday, November 07, 2016

When Daily Beast covers Syria: Bozo the clown travels to Arabia

"Citizens of east Aleppo protested against civilian and rebel evacuations during Russia's unilateral ceasefire, saying that they fear the same fate as those being forcibly displaced across Syria. Citizens said it was “an attempt to force them from their homes, like in Darayya.” according to Abu Muhammad, a citizen of the east of the city."  So according to the esteemed reporter, the residents of East Aleppo insisted on staying and on receiving bombs from the air to make a point?  She then says: "Rebel groups have taken matters into their own hands this week with a coordinated operation aimed at breaking the siege on east Aleppo, a campaign which is already taking a heavy civilian toll." Civilian toll on whom? On your Al-Qa`idah-afflicated rebels or on the rebels of West Aleppo?