Sunday, November 27, 2016

Ken Roth reminds me of the director of the Saudi regime commission on human rights: that is how credible he is

Are you aware that Roth never ever used this language of about a Saudi King or about a Jordanian king or an Israeli leader upon their death? Never ever.  He would not dare. He feels his job is to use unrestrained polemical language only against leaders who are not approved by the US government.  Here, he agrees with Marco Rubio. But to me: Roth has as much credibility as Marco Rubio on human rights--maybe Rubio a bit more than Roth because he is not as phony.  

Kenneth Roth (@KenRoth)
Appropriate criticism and even ridicule for @JustinTrudeau's see-no-evil eulogy for brutally repressive Fidel Castro