Saturday, November 05, 2016

Hummus restaurant

I arrived at SFO yesterday and yelped for some restaurants close by in San Mateo.  I encountered one named "Hummus Village".  I got excited.  I drove there and looked at the menu. They have very specialized Hummus dishes.  I asked the man and woman behind the counter: do you have whole wheat bread? The man answered: no, we get our food form Israel.  I said with utter revulsion: this is an Israeli restaurant? He said: yes, we offer Israeli food.  I said: Israeli food.  Let us read the menu: falafel is an Arabic word. Hummus is an Arabic word.  Musabbahah is an Arabic word.  How come those Israeli dishes all have Arabic names?  Those are Arabic dishes.  I naturally stormed out mumbling obscene Arabic--not Israeli--words.  

PS Shawirma is from a turkish Anatolian word çevirme, which means rotation.