Friday, October 07, 2016

You can say anything and attribute anything to any foe of the US and Israel: rules of US media

Abdo of the Hariri Atlantic Council: said: "“Nasrallah has made very clear over the last two years that Hezbollah now functions as a Shia militia,” Abdo said."  He never ever said this and never uttered such words.  Now if she is interpreting his actions, that is her right. Just as I read almost daily in the US media by ALL US correspondents in the Middle East that Bashshar Al-Asad said that he is there "to protect minorities".  And t he funny part is that if you correct the record and state that the Syrian potentate never said such things, you are immediately accused of being a Shabbih.  Thus are the rules of Syrian "revolution" propaganda in the West: just as if you criticize Israel you are accused of anti-Semitism.