Saturday, October 08, 2016

Who is Subhi Tufayli?

It is rather amusing that supporters of the Syrian "revolution" in the US have been promoting MEMRI-produced and translated segment of an interview with Subhi Tufayli (from Lebanese right-wing TV, MTV, which was caught in Saudi wikileaks begging the Saudi regime for $20 million for obedience while the Saudi regime ordered only $5 million).  Tufayli as is known was the leader of Hizbullah in the horrific period of 1980s, when the party called for a lousy Islamic republic in Lebanon, and when the party (especially this kook Tufayli) spoke in sectarian terms against Christians in Lebanon, and when the party was accused of various acts of kidnapping and such.  In fact, Tufayli was far more loyal and subservient to the Iranian regime that Hasan Nasrallah.  But most importantly, those who are citing the authority of Subhi Tufayli should know that he is now a mere tool of the Saudi/Hariri propaganda apparatus.