Wednesday, October 26, 2016

What is the story about dropping leaflets over Aleppo? How Western media invent propaganda talking points

Every day, you see the same journalists and Western human rights types sticking to the same propaganda talking points on Syria, circulating the same propaganda youtube and items.  In the last few days, they have been feigning outrage that the Syrian regime has been dropping leaflets on Aleppo, and they consider that to be a human rights outrage.  They all commented on that.  But excuse me: in this article in this US military website, the US government BRAGS that it drops leaflets on cities that it bombs, and in fact it condemns the Russian government for not dropping leaflets.  And this one chronicles the dropping of leaflets by US bombers over the years.   But I get it: it is humanitarian when the US does it but savage when US foes do it.