Saturday, October 29, 2016

US was an accomplice in the Saudi-Bahraini slaughter

"During the early morning of March 16, 2011, according to individuals with direct access to the security forces of Saudi Arabia, the government of Bahrain's King Hamad bin Isa al Khalifa privately told military advisors to Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz that the 1000 man Saudi security force which entered Bahrain on March 13 should shoot to kill, if needed, to aid overwhelmed Bahraini security forces in dispersing anti-government demonstrators. These individuals state that, in coordination with the Bahraini forces, the Saudi troops opened fire on demonstrators in Pearl Square, killing at least 12 protestors and wounding another 30-50 people. A twelve hour curfew is now in place in Manama.  According to these Saudi officers, King Khalifa, and Prime Minister Khalifa Bin Salman al Khalifa are increasingly concerned as the demonstrators rally around a call for the establishment of a constitutional monarchy in Bahrain, with the current rulers stepping down. The King is determined to use as much force as necessary to end this uprising, and regain control over the majority Shiite population in his country."