Thursday, October 27, 2016

There is an orchestrated campaign for war in Syria, and it is in sync with the rise of Hillary Clinton

Make no mistake about it.  There is a universal campaign for war on Syria.  The rise of Hillary has emboldened the war mongers out there.  There are many elements of this campaign: it includes the leadership of Democratic and Republican parties; the Gulf regimes and their lobbyists in Washington, DC, and of course the Zionist lobby through all of its branches.  The DC think tanks are now part and parcel of the Zionist-Gulf lobbies in the capital of the US.  Gulf regimes are utilizing their media in its vicious and determined campaign, and they are resorting to the same Zionist tactics of vilification and defamation against Arab progressives and Western progressives who oppose war and destruction in Syria. When you read that Arab leftists have supported Bashshar Al-Asad and his mafia regime, you should not believe that.  It is rather hilarious for this writer to read that by people who only a few years were official apologists or diplomats of the Bashshar regime when I, for example, was banned by the Syrian regime for years from entering Lebanon (for writings against the father tyrant, Hafidh Al-Asad), and was accused by official Syrian TV in 2012 of receiving money from the West to attack the Syrian regime.  Arab leftists are not supportive of the Bashshar regime (there are some who are but they are in the minority) while the overwhelming majority of Arab liberals are supporters and apologists and stooges of Gulf regimes.  Arab leftists are on the whole opposed to the Syrian regime and its brutality while also condemning the Western-Zionist-Gulf transparent conspiracy against Syria and the Arab world. Those who advocated NATO bombing of Libya and who are responsible for the mess and destruction of Libya today are trying to replicate the Libyan scenario in Syria, under different headings and titles--or under the same headings and titles: the same propaganda techniques are being used, nakedly.  And they are resorting to a variety of tactics and tricks: they sometimes roll out a Syrian supporter of Gulf regimes and label him as a leftist when he has not been a leftist for more than 30 years and when he writes against Arab leftists in Gulf regimes newspapers; they roll out people working for Gulf regime media and present them as neutral observers and as representatives of the silent majority; they roll out former Ba`thists and operatives of the Syrian regime who now pretend they have been fighting for "peace and democracy" all their lives; they roll out people who have never studied the Middle East and present them as the foremost experts on the region because they want to push for war and destruction in Syria; they roll out Western journalists who never in their lives expressed emotions or sentiments toward Arab victims but allow them to pose for the moment in the media as arbiter of sentimentality and humanitarianism and as new lovers of the Syrian people.  They roll out Zionist haters of Arabs and Muslims and tell us that they are the real champions of the interests of the Syrian people.  They use people like Obama administration officials--people who have been in the administration of war and destruction throughout  the world--and ask them to counsel for war and destruction in Syria. They are willing to revive the rhetoric of the Cold War to present the war on Syria as the only safe and rational option for the US and "national interests".  They even rely on the authority and opinions of a Jordanian regime royal who was put in the UN to handle human rights from the standpoint of the US-Israeli alliance--which put him in his post.  It is time to raise our voice and to warn of the deadly and devastating consequences of war--or more war--on Syria.  Those who are still laughably claiming that there are some secret secular and feminist and democratic Syrian rebels (whose names and identities are never revealed and identified) are engaged in the same propaganda which preceded the US war on Iraq and on Libya.  The scenario is all too obvious for all to see.  Too many leftists and progressives have been intimidated from speaking out against Western conspiracies in Syria for fear of being labeled as Asad regime supporters, just as Zionists have intimidated people from speaking out against Israel for fear of being labeled anti-Semites.  Don't let it happen, not this time, not any time.  Western governments and media don't want an end to the war in Syria; they want what has been the most favored Western policies for decades: the continuation of bloodshed by Arabs against Arabs, or by Muslims against Muslims.  They want what they worked for in the Iran-Iraq war and the Lebanese civil war: they want a continuation of the war in order to keep Israeli aggression and occupation safe and protected.