Sunday, October 02, 2016

The Jordanian Minister who had shot his sister because she married a Muslim: Christian "honor crimes" don't get Western media coverage

Still waiting to see if any Western media, which usually are super sensitive to the plight of women--only overseas and only if repressed by Muslim men--will cover the story of the Jordanian Minister, Malik Haddad.  As you know, Jordanian King appointed Malik Haddad (a wealthy businessman with ties to the prime minister and the ruling elite) as Minister of Transportation in the new cabinet this week. A Jordanian reporter posted on Facebook reminding readers that Haddad had in fact killed his sister three decades ago for marrying a Muslim man.  He only served five years in jail and was paroled by King Husayn (your friend).  The reporter who posted reminding people about Haddad, was I am told pressured by the palace and had to delete his post. But it was too late, and the Minister resigned.  If this was a Muslim Minister who killed his sister for marrying a Christian, it would have been made into a movie of the week, and the New York Times magazine would have led with a cove story.