Thursday, October 06, 2016

The Campaign against Max Blumenthal and Electronic Intifada comrades

It has been insane.  Ever since Max Blumenthal wrote this article, the propaganda outlets of Syrian exile opposition and rebels (largely through Qatari regime media and others) launched a vicious campaign against Max Blumenthal, Ali Abunimah, Rania Khalek, Asa Winstanley, and Ben Norton among others.  I am not sure how Electronic Intifada was entered into the mix.  Ironically, when Max Blumenthal left Al-Akhbar English over disagreements over Syria, the same pro-Syrian "revolution" crowds hailed him as the most heroic and bravest journalist since John Reed.  And as soon as the same Max wrote this article, he is now being  accused--by the same people who had hailed him before--of love for Bashshar and being a Shabbih, and even suggested that he was paid by Russian government for his writings.  I have had disagreements with Max in the past, but this vicious and sinister campaign is a hallmark of the tactics and methods of the anti-democratic "democratic" Syrian "rebel" media and its amen corners in the US.  Ali Abunimah and Electronic Intifada have been consistently and bravely covering Israeli crimes and murders and occupation for years, and yet the Syrian "revolution" supporters decided to go all out against one of the few outlets here in the US which dares to expose Israeli crimes.  But this shows that supporters of the Syrian "revolution" clearly wants one point of view only.  Just one point of view. Anyone who disagrees with them is inevitably accused of being a supporter of Bashshar.  I or anyone else who can state daily or regularly that he/she wants Bashshar's regime overthrown, will also be accused of love for Bashshar if this person does not support the Syrian "revolution".

PS Is it really a coincidence that the campaign is being directed against some of the bravest voices against Israel in the US? Is it really?