Friday, October 07, 2016

Nobel Prize for peace

The credibility of the Nobel Peace Prize is equal to the credibility of the Israeli Hariri court, or to the investigation unit at Fox News, or to the credibility of the Nobel Prize in literature, or to the credibility of Prince Clause Award, or to the credibility of UN investigations of Israeli or Saudi war crimes, or to US military investigations of "collateral damage".  There were two sides in the Colombian "peace process" but only the side which is close to the US government received the prize. Just as after Oslo, the Nobel Committee of White Men wanted to only award Rabin of Israel but not Arafat. But Western government wanted to push Arafat for more concessions, and thus the awarded was given (Peres won the Prize for Literature for his poem: "you can't make potatoes out of tomatoes, but you can make tomatoes out of eggs") to three people.  One Nobel committee member, as you may remember, resigned and accused the Palestinian people of terrorism.   Personally, I was expecting the head of US Central Command to win the Nobel Prize for Peace.