Sunday, October 16, 2016

Dr. Wernher von Braun: America's favorite SS Nazi, or how American Zionists and Israel don't mind some Nazis

It occurred to me.  In the 1960s, Israel and world Zionists made a big case about one Nazi technician who was living in Cairo.  And they made a big movement about that, and Nazi hunters were pressuring world governments to urge his expulsion.  Of course, I am against hosting any Nazi official anywhere.  But the Zionist and Israeli urging was typically insincere and dishonest.  At that time, the US government had hosted and embraced more than 100 Nazi scientists and integrated them into its armed forces.  Von Braun was not a German scientists: he was a German who volunteered in the Nazi party and later joined the SS and was PROMOTED within the SS--he also met Hitler AND Himmler.  Furthermore, in his account to the US, Von Braun lied about the year he joined the Nazi party. But there were no movements and no complaints from Israel or from American Zionists about the case of Von Braun, who remained a reactionary kook all his life, and who later converted from Lutheranism to American Evangelical Christianity and supported reactionary Rev. Graham.  What is interesting about the case of Von Braun is not only his work for the US government but also his close association with Walt Disney (a notorious reactionary and an anti-Semite).