Friday, October 14, 2016

Bob Dylan talks about his admiration for Um Kulthum

""I listen to foreign music, too. I like Middle Eastern music a whole lot.
Playboy: Such as?
Dylan: Om Kalthoum.
Playboy: Who is that?
Dylan: She was a great Egyptian singer. I first heard of her when I was in Jerusalem.
Playboy: She was an Egyptian singer who was popular in Jerusalem?
Dylan: I think she's popular all over the Middle East. In Israel, too. She does mostly love and prayer-type songs, with violin and accompaniment. Her father chanted those prayers and I guess she was so good when she tried singing behind his back that he allowed her to sing professionally, and she's dead now but not forgotten. She's great. She really is. Really great.""

Here, the New York Times mentions the influence of Um Kulthum on him.