Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Zionist intimidation of the academe

There is no question that Zionists have succeeded in establishing a climate of intimidation in the academe, just as they had succeeded years earlier in establishing a climate of intimidation in the US Congress and US media.  There is not sufficient outrage and reaction by US leftist academics (not to mention others) to the Zionist censorship campaigns.  The movement which used to fight its battles in the name of freedom now fights against freedom in the name of...freedom.  A movement which pioneered the art the boycott now fights boycott in the name of boycott.  But Zionists should know: that the age in which we live and the public expressions by millions on social media make their attempts to monopolize the narrative about Israel impossible.  New students are learning on their own about Palestine and no matter how many classes you cancel and how many careers of professors you derail.  For that and for many other reasons, your project is doomed to failure. It really is a matter of time and for that you increasingly act desperate, and assume that with this new tactic maybe you can save Zionism from the attacks of critics.  You just can't legitimize an illegitimate project.