Thursday, September 15, 2016

The religious bigotry and ignorance of Elliott Abrams: about the minuscule number of Syrian refugees in the US

He is arguing that too many Muslim Syrians are being admitted into the US.  Well, the number of Syrian refugees admitted into the US is very small: some 10,000.  Abrams is complaining that not too many Christians were admitted. Well, Syrian Christians are far more likely to have family connections in Lebanon (like among Assyrian Christians) or even in the US.  Those who are applying as refugees are more poor and have no family connections and thus are more likely to be poorer Muslims.  Let us remember that Lebanon admitted more than one million refugees and the sectarian foreign minister of Lebanon and the Maronite church have favored the entry of Palestinian Christians while working to deport the majority to Syrian refugees.  But imagine if one were to talk about Jewish refugees from the Soviet Union in the same way that this Abrams is talking about Syrian refugees?  There were more Jewish refugees allowed into the US than, say, Muslim or Christian refugees.  If one were to make a case about that one would be automatically accused of anti-Semitism by none other than this Zionist fanatic Abrams.