Friday, September 16, 2016

Sabra and Shatila massacres

Remembering the victims and pointing the figures at the culprits.  I will translate the gist of something I have just written in Arabic on FB. Who is responsible for Sabra and Shatila massacres:
1) First degree: the Israeli enemy in all of its sectors.  Followed by the US government which gave false assurances to the Palestinian people that it will be responsible for the safety of Palestinian civilians after the evacuation of the Palestinian fighters from Lebanon.  Also, the Lebanese Forces militias and the other South Lebanon Army: both of which were armed, trained, and developed by the Israeli occupation enemy.
2) Second degree: the Lebanese regime at the time especially president Ilyas Sarkis, his foreign minister, Fu'ad Butrus and puppet prime minister Shafiq Wazzan and head of Lebanese army intelligence Johhny `Abduh. You can add the name of Sa'ib Salam: all those put pressures on the PLO and disregarded the questions of safety of the Palestinian people.
3) third degree: those in the PLO leadership, like Arafat, who accepted the assures and pledges of safety of Palestinians from the enemies of the Palestinian people in the US administration.  You can also include those leaders of the Lebanese National Movement (like Walid Jumblat) who negotiated secretly under the table with the right-wing militias and who made arrangements for themselves while putting pressures on the PLO to leave Lebanon  at any price.