Sunday, September 18, 2016

Ironies of US bombing of Syrian regime troops

1) And you wonder that some (or many) in the Middle East are convinced that the US has been colliding with ISIS from the beginning? Here is a case where there was a military engagement between one side and ISIS and US bombing went against the foes of ISIS (never mind the mainstream Western media narrative that Syrian regime troops never fight ISIS).
2) the audacity of the Syrian regime in its feigning outrage at the violation of Syrian sovereignty.  First, the Israeli occupation has been violating Syrian sovereignty since 1967 (and certainly since the Asad regime took over in 1970) while the Syrian regime has been promising that it will eventually set the time and place of the battle with Israel.  All those foreign armies and fighters in Syria and the Syrian regime woke up to its sovereignty?
3) that the US government claims that it only wants (sometimes but not always) Bashshar Al-Asad out of power) but that it will keep the Syrian army intact.  This reminds one of US handling of the Iraqi army in 2003.
4) It is interesting that US government was more sorry in targeting Syrian regime troops than in killing regularly Syrian civilians in the course of its bombing in Syria.