Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Human Rights Watch director and his admiration for Jordanian regime:

The director of HRW has been peddling praise for this Jordanian diplomat (he calls him UN human rights chief--like he won the post from heavy work on human rights by the Jordanian regime).  There is little attention and campaigns by HRW about human rights deterioration in Jordan.  There is a Jordanian writer (Nahid Hattar) who is languishing in jail (and in poor health) without trial because he allegedly insulted God by posting a cartoon on Facebook.  I don't like Hattar and there is an old ideological feud between us and he supports Syrian regime brutality and referred to Syrian people in racist terms, but if Hattar was a prisoner for the same offense in Iran or some other non-pro-US regime, all Western human rights organization and media would be launching campaigns on his behalf. The other day, the Jordanian regime also arrested Ghazi Husayni without charging him with a crime. But like all violations of human rights in the despotic kingdom, there is no noise in Western media.  And here is director of HRW below expressing his admiration for this member of the Jordanian royal family:
Kenneth Roth (@KenRoth)
UN rights chief takes on Geert Wilders' "lies & half-truths, manipulations" & fearmongering. bit.ly/2bOTICc pic.twitter.com/3ZQoHTCgAe
Kenneth Roth (@KenRoth)
Beware the populists lest we succumb to their "banalization of bigotry"--UN rights chief.