Saturday, September 17, 2016

Haaretz and Mohammad Dajani: and why is it that all Arab normalizers are NOT smart? It has been my observation since my youth

First he says: "The first time I heard about the Holocaust was at the American University in Beirut, and that, written in Arabic, was the denial narrative."  This is a flat out lie.  He went to AUB prior to 1975, where the professors of history and political science were all people who warned against the use of the Protocols and who talked to their students about the reality of Jewish suffering n Europe.  Who denied to him the holocaust at the university?  Unless he took courses with the fascist sectarian Charles Malik.  I entered AUB in 1978, and both Walid Khalidi and Rashid Khalidi and Hanna Batatu spoke to us against anti-Semitism and I remember vividly how Walid Khalidi bristled when a student merely mentioned the Protocols in class and Walid went on to speak to us about the anti-Semitic origins of the Protocols and warned us against ever citing it as a source. This guy is a fabricator to make himself a hero among his Zionist friend.  Also, the PLO in Lebanon was producing a whole body of literature which rejected anti-Semitism and the denial  of the Holocaust. Unless the guy was a Muslim Brotherhood at the time because the PLO didn't speak about denial of the holocaust, and certainly not Fath which he said he was a member of.  2) Sari Nusaibeh, who is no fierce anti-Zionist, exposed his lies: "In an email correspondence with Haaretz, Al-Quds University’s former president, Nusseibeh, rejected Dajani’s allegations: “It is a great pity Prof. Mohammed wishes to implicate the university in his unfortunate affair." 3) here is another lie: "In 1967, he says, he underwent military training in southern Lebanon".  Another flat out lie by this guy: there was no military training in South Lebanon in 1967 (prior to the Cairo agreement, mind you).  Those who wanted military training either went to Jordan or to Syria.  He made this up.  But here is the political philosophy of this guy: he is opposed to peaceful struggle against Israeli occupation and is opposed to armed struggle against occupation. He wants the Palestinians to just forget the post and move on: "“I don’t support the use of violence, I don’t support BDS and I don’t support anti-normalization. "  Zionists truly like the most unimpressive Arabs and for good reason.