Friday, September 09, 2016

An important day in the history of the Saudi-Zionist alliance: the Israeli lobby in DC has come out in full support of Saudi tyranny

The article by Dennis Ross on behalf of the Zionist lobby in full support of the Saudi regime is historical.  As you know, Dennis Ross visited for a few days Saudi Arabia as part of a delegation from the Israeli lobby in Washington, DC. They were received by the Saudi potentate and by other unelected members of the Saudi royal family.  After few days in the Kingdom, Ross was ready to declare that a revolution is underway in Saudi Arabia (of course, he was citing the language of a Saudi official).  But Zionists are to revolution is what Hillary is to socialism.  But what is interesting is that Muhammad Bin Salman assured the Zionist delegation that House of Saud has no ideology and yet toward the end of the article Ross talks about their anti-Iranian ideology.  Subscribing to the Saudi-Israeli policies in the region is the crux of non-ideology.  The Israeli lobby has now officially and publicly came out in full support of the agenda of the House of Saud.  It took Ross a few days in the kingdom meeting with only officials of the regime to give the readers of the Post an "informed" assessment of what is going on in the kingdom.

PS My favorite part of the article is Dennis Ross, not noted for his feminism, remarking that he saw women in Saudi Arabia, thereby implying that women in the kingdom are free because some of them were allowed to see a delegation from the Israeli lobby in DC.