Sunday, August 07, 2016

Richard Engels on NBC News

I rarely if ever watch US TV news (or any other TV news for that matter).  I find that print news saves to time as there are no distractions of visuals.  So I saw a report by Richard Engel about Aleppo: the report could have easily been signed with the disclaimer: this report was brought to you by ISIS and Al-Qa`idah in Syria.  Unbelievable cheerleading for Jihadi groups.  Worse: he even aired most footage from Al-Qa`idah: was there not an American law against promoting the propaganda of Al-Qa`idah or has the US government forgiven the terrorists of Sep. 11?  I really believe that the Obama administration has relaxed US laws against Al-Qa`idah to use their services in the Syria war.  Worse: Engel aired footage of Jihadis helping civilians cross the street. I kid you not.  This is what passes as news in the US these days?