Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Iran and its executions

So the Iranian regime competes with the Saudi regime in executions.  Hundreds are executed in Iran (although human rights organizations inflate Iran's number because they add to the official numbers--something they never do for Saudi regime).  So Saudi media have been doing this: they basically wait to see who among those executed are Sunnis and they single them out and make it as if they were executed because they were Sunnis (even if they were among alleged--I say alleged because I don't trust the Iranian regime and its courts--drug traffickers).  But it surprised me that Sarah Leah Whitson of Human Rights Watch was retweeting one of those stories about executions of Sunnis, without providing evidence whatsoever that their Sunni faith had anything to do with their execution when most those who are executed are Shi`ites.   But then again: have we not noticed the extent to which Western media and Western human rights organizations have been mirroring the themes and terms of references of Gulf regimes in recent years?