Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Charles Lister proves that you can be a respected advocate of Al-Qa`idah in Washington, DC

You can go to jail if you praise Hamas or Hizbullah but Lister proves that advocating for Al-Qa`idah is now a respected business--literally, a business---in Washington, DC. Watch this interview with him: quite hilarious.  He says that 50% of all rebels in Syria are moderate.  He says that the whole "spectrum" of Syrian rebels were active in the offensive in Aleppo (he almost said that Marxist, socialists, and feminists were very active on that front), and he made no mention of the Islamic Turkistani Party in Aleppo which by all accounts was instrumental in pushing off regime forces.  He also said that you should not worry about the Jihadi group: he fantastically claimed that when the truce took hold in Syria a few months ago, all Jihadi groups abandoned their Islamist slogans and ideals and started chanting "we want Marx" and "we want Voltaire" instead.  He said that those Jihadi would immediately abdanon their ideology and become leftists and secularists once Asad is defeated.

PS Can he at least pronounce one Arabic word correctly?