Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Why isn't this story in Western newspapers? "the rape of 41 Tunisian children by a French national"

"Minister of Justice Omar Mansour ordered the Public Prosecutor at the Court of First Instance in Sousse to initiate a criminal investigation into the rape of 41 Tunisian children by a French national. In a statement released Tuesday, the Justice Department called for the need to accelerate the execution of the letter rogatory issued by the French authorities to render justice to the victims. The jurors of the Assize Court of Yvelines (Paris) had condemned French aid worker Thierry Darantiere, 52, to 16 years in prison for having raped or sexually abused at least 66 boys, including 41 Tunisians."  If this was an Arab immigrant who raped 41 children in some European country, there would be a flood of articles about "sexual frustration among the Arabs" and about "Islam and modernity" and about the need for sexual fatwas from Azhar and about how Arabs can't handle their sexual urges, etc.  Just imagine.  His name would be a headline in newspapers in all Western countries.