Saturday, July 23, 2016

This Lebanese woman writes on Syria for the Daily Telegraph*--kid you not

Carol Maalouf writes on Syria for the Financial Times. She wrote the exclusive scoop (turned out to be a fabrication) that Ali Mamlouk of Syrian intelligence was sacked.  Lately, she has been known in Lebanon for being an advocate not only of the Free Syrian Army but also of Al-Qa`idah in Syria.  When the "moderate" Syrian rebels beheaded a child last week, she rushed to defend the beheading and said that he was not 12-years-old but is 19-years-old and that he looks younger due to a rare diseases and that he deserves to be "in hell" because he was working for the Syrian regime.  Today, New TV released a taping in which she was allegedly negotiating to suppress an interview she did while being a guest of Nusrah Front with Lebanese hostages.

*I mistakenly wrote Financial Times yesterday but I was corrected.