Friday, July 29, 2016

Israeli dirty hands in the bloodshed in Congo

From Nabeel: "1. See

2. 'One of the best-known participants in the often unbelievably profitable DRC deals has been Daniel Gertler, an Israeli citizen. His name appears on more than 200 documents in the Panama Papers.
In March 2005, Gertler’s DGI (Dan Gertler International) formed a new firm, Global Enterprises Corporate (GEC), in partnership with Benjamin “Beny” Steinmetz’s Global Resources, with a former DRC mines minister, Simon Tuma-Waku, named as “special adviser”.
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Steinmetz, also an Israeli citizen, is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, De Beers sightholder. His name appears on 282 documents in the Panama Papers.'


4.  Norwegian newspaper, Aftenposten, reports on shady practices in Sierra Leone by one of Israel's richest businessmen, Steinmetz.
The heading reads: Super Rich Diamond Baron Avoids Taxes While Local Population Struggles in Poverty".