Monday, July 04, 2016

ISIS lashes out

ISIS is on the defensive. The more their territories are under direct attack in Syria and Iraq, the more desperate they will become.  The weaker they will get the more desperate they will become to lash out in different places to project an image of invincibility.  Of course, the war on ISIS is three years too late, if longer.  But the organization has increased its enemy list and never tried to win a segment of the population (very different from Al-Qa`idah under Bin Laden who tried to utilize even the killing of civilians and who exploited every act of violence in a complicated propaganda campaign).  This is not the end of ISIS but the influence and power of the organization has waned after Turkey and Qatari regime and Saudi regime turned against it under pressure from their sponsors in the West, who were too late in paying attention to its dangers.  It will be said that only the Russian military intervention in Syria pushed the US to seriously act against ISIS, and and the Americans were keen on not being beaten again on the road to...Berlin.