Saturday, July 09, 2016

Aspen Zionist festival

"and because Americans have a right to discuss the sociological character of elites, especially if those elites are influencing Middle East policy, as Jeffrey Goldberg, Paul Singer, Jane Harman, Penny Pritzker, David Brooks and Richard Haass are. David Rothkopf has pooh-poohed the role of the Israel lobby and doesn’t publish anti-Zionist writers at Foreign Policy; which is intellectual cowardice, because Rothkopf understands that Zionism is an anachronism, but is surely afraid of losing funding if he pushes such views. Emily Bazelon spoke at the conference; the Yale scholar who has admitted that she has a “Zionist core” only consults Jews on foreign policy questions, notably her friend Jeffrey Goldberg, justified the last Gaza slaughter, and says that Palestinians are by nature violent and vengeful.  At Aspen, she appeared with Slate editor David Plotz, who has lamented the absence of a nonviolent Palestinian movement, thereby ignoring the brave weekly protests and the boycott campaign, even as he has looked the other way inside the occupation. What an entitled collection!"