Saturday, July 16, 2016

28-pages of the Sep. 11 report

Clearly, the report is more damning that we all thought.  For that reason, the US government and the Saudi government worked hard for month to soften the impact of the report by series of interviews, statements, and leaks that were intended to prepare the propaganda stage for the release.  It clearly shows that the ties were not to Saudi nationals in the US, but to the people around the residence and business of the Saudi ambassador and his wife, and to Saudi intelligence operations in the US and Saudi Arabia.  Most damning is that the requests by US government to investigate possible leads that could have prevented Sep. 11.  There is so much materials in the report to advance and push the legal case by families of Sep. 11 victims in US courts against the Saudi government.  The case against the care salesman in Texas (and his plot against the Chinese restaurant in DC and his ties to Revolutionary Guards) is 1/1000th of the case contained here.   The government describes Saudi cooperation in counter-terrorism as "useless and obstructionist".  And then there is the case of the guy who prior to Sep. 11 tried to enter the cockpit of a US plane and then was allowed to leave the country and the Saudi regime would not make him available for interviews by the FBI.  Did you know that there is a Saudi mosque in Culver City in the US named after Ibn Taymiyyah? This in itself surprised me.