Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Western correspondent in the Middle East responds to Ambassador Ford in New Yorker

According to a Western analyst based in Beirut:

"Ford never resigned on principle. Ford was an unconfirmed "recess appointment." He bungled relations with the Syrian "opposition" and there was no job opening for which his rank was suitable, and he was offered a good salary by the Saudis to work at the Middle East Institute. 
As for the silly claims in the article:
"After the uprising erupted, in 2011, Ford dared to visit opposition areas, meet with demonstrators, and pay a condolence call on the family of a slain activist."

he dared? like there was a risk? he was not a demonstrator he was a representative of the united states with body guards and armored cars 

"no one understood how far the Syrian government was willing to go to maintain its control in Damascus"

then they were stupid, what government would just say fuck it you can take my capital city

"The speech showed he understood that he was losing on the ground–and only when he had the mentality that losing would he be willing to make compromises."

and yet he did not make any compromises after that speech last year, he just rationalized the losses to his audience

"When Russian intervention began, five weeks after that speech, his position changed a hundred and eighty degrees."

so the Russians surprised Assad by intervening five weeks later? he was going to make compromises and then suddenly the Russians intervened so he changed his mind? 
no he knew long in advance that the Russians were going to intervene on his behalf. only the stupid Americans did not".