Wednesday, June 22, 2016

This is quite hilarious: Bassem Mroue of the AP on the heroism of the Lebanese Army

Is this comedy material or what? From Basim: 
"Aided directly by the United States and Britain — and indirectly by the Syrian army and its Lebanese militant Hezbollah allies working on the other side of the border — the under-equipped Lebanese military has registered steady successes against the militants."

PS: Look how bold they are:

"During the AP tour, a first lieutenant peered through binoculars toward areas controlled by the Islamic State group on the edge of Arsal when he spotted a vehicle moving several miles way. “It’s the tanker truck,” the officer told some of the troops in the front-line position, referring to an identified vehicle owned by a Lebanese man who has a permit to cross into IS-controlled areas, where he owns plots of lands. “Had it been a truck with a machine gun on top of it we would have dealt with it immediately,” said another officer, pointing to two 130 mm guns that are always ready to fire."