Thursday, June 30, 2016

The huge fiasco of the US-created Syrian rebel militia, New Syria Army: what US media won't report

I woke up today to see what US newspapers are saying about the huge fiasco in Bou Kamal in Syria.  The entire force of 200 fighters, aided by Jordanian special forces, were eliminated: 40 killed and 15 taken prisoners, and tens are missing out of a force of 200 US-trained militia men.  The force was expecting the clans of Bou Kamal to come to their rescue but they didn't.  All Arabic newspaper, including Qatari regime and Saudi regime newspaper have front page headlines about the fiasco but the New York Times had none, and the Washington Post carried a story by Free Syrian Army propagandist, Liz Sly, in which she typically minimizes the losses and quotes Free Syrian Army (why Free Syrian Army, don't ask me, but that is her regular sources on anything from Morocco to Yemen) to the effect that they will eventually be victorious, or something like that.  This is one of the biggest setbacks of US strategy in Syria but it won't stop Hillary and other like her (like the 51 US diplomats acting at the behest of AIPAC) who want more US military intervention in Syria.  This is a good account of what happened and it is not in US press.