Friday, June 10, 2016

Teaching hatred to Israeli children

Comrade Eval translated the words of the video in which Israeli children are taught hatred:
"T = teacher 1
W = Dana Weiss, the female reporter
S = a single child
M = either a single child or multiple children
X = Teacher 2 or another person standing next to the reporter and the

W: When I say "Jerusalem", what comes to mind for you? What is Jerusalem?
M: The holy city!
M: The temple!
W: The temple...
W: Who here believes that the temple will be constructed within the next
few years?
[some raise hands]
W: What's there now, on top of the temple?
S: The [wailing] wall.
M: The mosque.
W: So what's going to happen to the mosque?
M: It will be [destroyed?].
M: It will be [broken?].
W: Broken?
W: Who among you has met an Arab boy over the course of the last year?
[most children raise their hands]
T: [to a specific student] Where? Where have you met an Arab boy?
S: Near the [wailing] wall.
W: Did you talk to him?
S: No. He pushed me but [unintelligible]
W: And what happens when you see an Arab boy, what do you feel?
S: Feelings of range.
M: [We] get away...
W: Rage?
S: I want to murder him!
W: What happens when you meet a secular boy?
S: I pity him for not being born Haredi [i.e. ultra-orthodox Jewish].
W: Why do you pity him, for not being born Haredi? What is he missing?
S: He isn't walking the right path.
W: When you think of Jerusalem in 10 years...
M: Everyone is Haredi.
S: [shouting] Not everyone is Haredi!
S: [shouting] Some are Haredi - some are Arab.
S: Everyone is Jewish, and there are also Arabs who are slaves-
W: Because the Messiah will have arrived, I understand. Yes [turning to
a specific child], what do you say?
S: That there will be a war. All the Arabs will die, and [sic] some of
them will be slaves.
T: [claps hands] You got the entire story you wanted.
X: Children, thank you very much!
W: Thank you very much!
T: Continue doing well and studying here at the Yeshiva's [Jewish
religious scholarship centers]."