Sunday, June 05, 2016

Normalized Islamophobia has permeated Canadian national security law & policy

"It is far more difficult to confront the normalized Islamophobia that has permeated Canadian national security law and policy since the initiation of the War on Terror, under both Liberal and Conservative governments. “Islamophobia is about more than microaggressions,” writes Professor Deepa Kumar. “Daily acts of hostility, hate crimes and even job discrimination, are the outward manifestations of a system that is fundamentally racist ... Islamophobia is an ideology that has come to be accepted as normal, as common sense, in the War on Terror era. In this sense, it is not just an individual bias but a systematic body of ideas which make certain constructions of Muslims — that they are prone to violence, that they are misogynistic, that they are driven by rage and lack rationality — appear natural.” "