Monday, May 16, 2016

What the American University of Beirut never brags about

There were Palestinian who were killed by Zionist before the establishment of the occupation state of Israel, who the university would never brag about.  The university is happy to brag about crooks, tyrants, charlatans, and embezzlers among its graduates.  It almost gave an honorary degree to Zalmay Khalilzad a few years ago before the "natives" in the administration protested. It almost appointed the fanatic Zionist Tom Lantos as its president before the civil war.  These two graduates of AUB were killed in 1930.  You would not find their names in the brochures of the American University. 

Their names from top: Fu'ad Hasan Hijazi and Muhammad Khalil Jamjum.  Palestinian chanted at the time their names:  From Acre Prison, there emerged a funeral.  [For] Muhammad Jamjum and Fu'ad Hijazi (it rhymes in Arabic, of course). 
من سجن عكّا طلعت جنازة, محمد جمجوم وفؤاد حجازي