Monday, May 02, 2016

Wael Ghonim: "[May God] Curse your soul, o Bashshar"

As you remember, Wael Ghonim, announced the formation of a new dialogue website which is dedicated to "civilized" and "civic" communication.  He inaugurated the website with an exchange with his idol, Thomas Friedman--kid you not.  For that, I was rather surprised today when I saw that he wrote in Arabic on Twitter "[May God] Curse your soul, o Bashshar".  It is his business of course to express himself in any way possible but I was surprised because he rarely comments on Arab affairs.  He certainly NEVER ever writes a word about Palestine, and he never criticizes Netanyahu, politely or impolitely.  Furthermore, Ghonim was extremely late in criticizing Sisi, and in fact had supported the Egyptian military and assured Egyptians that they had no interest in seizing power, and called on Egyptian to refrain from protesting.  Incidentally, recently Obama said that he favors Arabs like Ghonim (he called him "the google guy") to rule the Arab world.  I am sure Thomas Friedman would not disagree.

PS He decorates his Twitter page with a quotation from...Winston Churchill.  Don't you like it when the natives derives their wisdom from their former colonial masters?