Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Those are the Arab tools of Israel: sexual harasser, thieves, blackmails, crooks, and molesters: this guy is a recruiter for Israeli terrorist army

"Greek-Orthodox Christian priest Father Gabriel Naddaf, who has led a public campaign for Christian Arab IDF enlistment, is facing allegations that he has attempted to seek sexual favors from youths he came into contact with.

Naddaf is scheduled to be one of the honorees on Independence Day who will light torches to begin the celebrations on Wednesday evening.

The allegations, which also included claims that Nadaf together with a Palestinian associate helped arrange entry visas for Palestinians into Israel for illicit business purposes and sexual favors, were reported by Channel 2 on Sunday night."

PS It should be mentioned that the Arabs of 1948 Palestine have long ostracized and boycotted this creep (the creep to the left, not to be confused with the creep to the right) and the occupation state of Israel has been promoting him for years now.