Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Statistical methodology of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights

Of course, it should have happened a long time ago: that this Syrian Observatory should have been discredited a long time ago, and not only for regime funding from Gulf, and not only because of the political ties, but also for something basic: the lack of reliable or accurate methodology when he produces exact numbers.  But for me, it happened last week: this Observatory issued a special statement to say that Nasrallah was lying when he said that Syrian rebels killed Mustafa Badr-Ad-Din and that it was not true.  But since when the Observatory responds to statements by political leaders? Or this one was too tempting politically. But look at this in its latest count: "Abdel Rahman also said that "several thousand people" have died while being held by rebel groups and jihadist factions like the Islamic State group.".  Several thousand people? Is that an exact number?