Sunday, May 15, 2016

The funniest think tank in Washington, DC: the Hariri Center at the Atlantic Council

You have to read this article in its entirety and you have to click on every embedded link to understand the humor. Take the claim that Iran sent 15000 revolutionary guards to Syria: the source when you click is Washington Examiner which cites The Daily Star, which cites "a Lebanese source".  Kid you not.  The article concludes by citing the wisdom of Marco Rubio on Middle East affairs.  But this Hariri shop in DC, funded by Baha' Hariri, tells you that all is not well in the Hariri family, and that the brother of Sa`d Hariri wants to succeed his brother, seeking the help of the Zionist lobby.  For that, he has a Zionist fanatic as head of the center. But then again: a center named after Rafiq Hariri should be headed by a Zionist.