Friday, May 06, 2016

Sophisticated analysis from Saudi regime media: Al-Arabiyyah (news station of Prince Muhammad bin Salman)

"The question is this. Where do the Lebanese stand; with Persians vying to become a regional hegemonic power or with their fellow Arabs?

I have known you since the late 1960s when I visited Lebanon with no penny in my pocket. I was welcomed by the Wazni family and other kind Lebanese Shiites. The Shiites I have known were passionate in their love of country and they count as some of my closest friends. They are proud Lebanese and proud Arabs. I do not want to see the day my grandchildren are forced to speak Farsi and neither do they.

We are a different race from the Persians. We do not share the same traditions or culture. I wish all Lebanese Shiites thought the same way and hope with all my heart that those connected to or are in support of Nasrallah or his second-in-command Naim Qassem will see the light before Lebanon is viewed as an Iranian satellite, a foe of the Arab world." (thanks Basim)